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Gelato Bar

Gelato is a wonderful treat that will always delight the guests at your special event. It is a perfect option if you are looking for something unique, simple, and refreshing.  It's perfect for any season and can be suitable for any type of party! Over the years we have catered gelato to anything from ice cream socials, corporate holiday parties, weddings, and birthday parties. Not only will you find the best selection of gelato in Austin, Texas but you will also receive the most professional, friendly service for your event. 

So, you might be wondering, what exactly is gelato? Gelato is Italian for ice cream, however it is made a little differently than what we consider traditional ice cream. It is made with milk instead of heavy cream, along with sugars, and flavoring. Gelato consists of less air than ice cream and has a butterfat ratio less than 3.5%, making the consistency more dense yet so satisfying. The Chocolate Cup offers over  40 flavor options to choose from and you can customize as much as you'd like! Check out what's included with this service below -

Gelato Bar


- White dipping freezer 
- Freshly made all natural gelato
* 4 pan minimum
- Gelato cups, spoons, napkins
- Server
- 2 hours of unlimited service