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Espresso - Then and Now

Why is espresso catering so popular lately? Espresso is a wonderful drink, full of body and life, and is fresh and delicious to all who partake in it. But, it didn't always use to be so accessible to those who enjoy it, and it was viewed as a rare treat for people hundreds of years ago.

Where did Term Espresso Come From?

 The term espresso simply stands for “coffee made to order” which was coined back before espresso machines were even invented.  What makes espresso so unique is that it comes from the freshest coffee beans and is ground just before brewing. That’s why espresso drinks are typically more potent with coffee flavor than let’s say, a store bought coffee mix.

How Did Espresso Become So Popular?

Back in the day, all coffee brewed through the use of traditional coffee pots. The problem was people did not want to wait 30 minutes for a cup of coffee to be brewed before they headed out to work. Therefore, espresso machines were created. These machines allow the coffee to be ground and prepared within seconds. This creates a quick and even more delicious coffee drink than regular brew. This wonderful convenience then created a huge influx of coffee houses and espresso bars around the world.

Making Espresso Mobile

Many people think that their local coffee house is the only way to get a fresh espresso drink, made to order. But they’re in luck! The inventiveness of espresso machines these days with their automation, portability, and efficiency allow espresso to be offered on more of a mobile basis. Many businesses are now treating their employees with fresh made espresso right at their work place. Brides are having an espresso station set up at their reception. Birthday parties are now booking for espresso bars to provide fresh brewed coffee for their guests.  It’s  become a novelty to have expert baristas come and provide the freshest coffee for people’s events. Make your event stand out by having your very own espresso station provided by The Chocolate Cup!

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