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Indoor vs. Outdoor Venues in Austin – How to Make Good Decisions for Your Event

Many event organizers, event caterers in Austin, and brides already have a pretty set in stone plan about whether they want their event and set-up to take place inside or outdoors. But, if you’re having an outdoor event in Austin, many times things like the weather can have their own agenda and may dampen a beautiful set- up. Below are some ways to make the best decisions for your special day. 

Austin Weather vs. Your Caterer
If you are planning an event months or even a year in advance, take note of the weather patterns here in the Austin area. Consistent hot or cold temperatures can have effects on many things when it comes down to event day, especially food and beverage choices. If your Austin caterer is bringing warm food or drinks such as an espresso bar for your event, it may not be a good idea to have the set up take place outside if it’s been 90 degrees the previous two months. Cold temperatures may also be hard to work with if you have booked a gelato bar, shaved ice, and outdoor bar, or milkshake station as your guests could get cold and possibly not partake in your provided amenities.  Consider the weather when you are booking your caterer and arrange for shade or heaters where necessary if you are certain you want an outdoor party.

Space Requirements
When you are shopping venues, take note of the overall square footage and have a base line idea of how you want your event set up. Having a small indoor venue could make the difference in what vendors you book at your wedding. If you don’t have much space to work with, consider venues with an indoor/outdoor option to allow variety of scenery and environment for your guests. Think about your guest count and vendor selection as factors as well. If you need something specific like a dance floor, things like that will narrow your selection greatly, especially with outdoor venues. So make sure to take all variables into account.

Décor and Your Budget

I paired décor and budget together for a reason. When you have an outdoor venue additional décor is not always needed. Being outside allows you to enjoy the splendor of lush trees, greenery, and nature. And with a small budget, this can be a perfect compromise.  If you decide to host your event inside, consider that you will probably want additional décor to spice up your venue and add a special touch that you would otherwise get by being outdoors.

There is no right or wrong answer to where you should hold your special event in Austin. Always make sure to go with your gut while considering all event details in the process. Pairing the right space, décor, and caterer for your indoor or outdoor Austin event is important in making sure your affair runs perfectly.

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