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5 Reasons Coffee Is Good for Your Health

While coffee is a wonderful drink for a little extra kick, it may have more health benefits than just keeping you more alert. Here are a few reasons why I think coffee is one of the best drinks around!

It Acts as a Memory Booster

Years of research and testing have proven that memory and reaction times in the brain actually improve for those who consume at least 100 milligrams of coffee. While the effect is only seen to be short term, this is quite a great benefit!

It’s Good for you Heart

Regular coffee drinkers have been studied to find that they actually have a lower risk of heart disease than the lighter or non-coffee drinkers. According to the study though, regular coffee drinkers consume between 2-4 cups per day! That’s a lot of caffeine!

Helps Prevent Certain Cancers

Researchers have linked lower cancer rates for liver, colon, breast, and prostate cancers to those who regular drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day. It was found that coffee has demonstrated to have anicacinogenic properties and can also help reduce tumor inflammation. Now that’s a pretty good benefit if you ask me!

Curbs Depression

Depression may not be cured by coffee, but it certainly can be suppressed. Several independent studies suggested that coffee consumption seemed to have an inverse effect on levels of a person’s depressive thoughts. Coffee drinkers have a 20% less likely chance of being depressed. This is proof in my book that this drink is powerful!

Full of Antioxidants

Coffee beans are considered a super food in the anti-oxidant world. With more anti-oxidant activity than cocoa and green tea, coffee has proven itself to be a big power player in fighting many health problems. It can help alleviate stress, help with metabolism, and fight inflammation. Coffee truly is a miracle drink!

So, for all you coffee connoisseurs out there, whenever you go for that next cup of coffee know that you are not only drinking a delicious, hot, wonderful beverage, but you are also contributing to an overall healthy lifestyle.

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