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Meet The Owners!

The Chocolate Cup has gone through some major changes this year! Not only is the company offering more services, but also has new ownership! Over the past year, the growing company has been run and operated by Aaron Canales and Lauren Hardacker. These native austinites have over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry with expertise in business management, marketing and sales. They acquired the already 10-year-old local business, one year ago, and have continued to provide excellence and caliber service. They believe the little details go a long way, and specialize in bringing premium deserts and espresso catering to every event.  Their unique product offering of chocolate fountains, espresso, gelato, Hawaiian shaved ice, hand dipped ice cream, mini doughnuts, and Milkshakes brings excitement, variety and a simple nice touch people will remember forever!   
When Lauren and Aaron are not busy with the business, they enjoy the local music scene going live concerts and playing with their two dogs, Sadie and Chase. They enjoy going to the Drafthouse to see the newest films, and love to spend time with family and friends here in the city. "We know Austin like the back of our hand, and love not only living here, but running a business locally. We will never leave this growing, awesome city." 

Not only do they know the city well, but they have lots of roots here. With connections with many local businesses and event industry professionals, they know how running a successful service at an event in Austin works. They work with several hotels, restaurants, and event venues here in Austin and surrounding areas to provide the perfect setting for your event set up. 

"Operating The Chocolate Cup has been a true blessing for us, and we enjoy every aspect of this business. We love to provide quality service and premium products for our clients". 

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Shimon Darmon - December 12th, 2022 at 4:13am

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